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Special Monsoon Program 2014

Rejuvenate with Classic Ayurveda 

Program starts on June 01 -2014 to October 31 - 2014

Welcome to Ayurveda Yoga Villa

As per ayurveda our body constitution includes three doshas,seven dhatus and three malas.these factors in their normal functioning state we call it as a healthy stage.for maintaing these factors in their normalcy we have to follow certain daily regimens and seasonal regimens apart from only following diet regimen. During the monsoon time among the three doshas the vata dosha becomes vitiated due to the cloudy and cool atmosphere.Along with this vata dosha due to the acidic nature the pitha also get vitiated the improper usage of water during the season makes the kapha dosha in this season all the three doshas are vitiated and makes the body weak and the digestive fire in its decreased form so the treatment oriented for making the digestive fire normal and there by making the thri doshas balanced we planned monsoon rejuvenation package. Our package includes long time (30 days) and short time (15days) treatment programs.

Featured Programes
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It is the first among the panchakarma. It is mainly indicated in kapha disorders, incase of chronic diarrhoea, bleeding disorders, tuberculosis, skin disorders, diabetis, elephantiasis, mental disorders, chronic cough and diseases above the chest. .


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One among panchakarma procedure. This is mainly for balancing doshas above the neck. In this procedure, medicines are instilled through nostrils. This is indicated in severe headache, heaviness of head, sleep disorders, eye disorders, convulsions, rhinitis etc.

Types :Virechana Nasya, Brimhana Nasya and Shamana Nasya.


Vasti is the main therapeutic procedure in Panchakarma to regulate Vata dosha. Large is the main seat of Vata. Vata is the catalyst which controls all neurological activities. It controls dormant pitta and kapha and makes them active. Anabolism and catabolism depends upon the normal physiological activities of Vata. Agni, the central factor of health and ill health is also regulated and maintained by the rhythm of Vata. Hence it is considered as the most suitable treatment for Vata.

Classification of Vasti. 

Anuvasana Vasti
             Anuvasana literally means, that which remains in the body for sometime without causing any adverse effects. It is the administration of medicated fats to provide soothening effect.It protects the integrity of colon..
Asthpana Vasti 
              Asthapana, literally meeans, sustains life, dosha, dhatu and mala. When the doshas get lodged in large intestine, this enema removes all the three doshas from it. It also provides strength, digestion and pacification of diseases. 


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This is the second among the panchakarma mainly indicated in pittaja disorders, piles, liver disorders, long standing fever, ascitisIntoxification, vomiting, pancreatic disorders, intestinal problems Vaginal disorders, microbial infestation chronic wounds, gout, urinary tract disorders chronic constipation.


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This done with medicated oils and it is mainly indicated in disorders like emotional imbalances, stress, insomnia, mental disorders, for making the sense organs stable, rhinitis, ear disorders, etc.. 


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Netra tarpanam

Mainly for improving the clarity of vision. Medicated ghee is used for this treatment.


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This is prepared with herbal leaves and mainly done in joint disorders, pain, swelling, stiffness of the joints etc.




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Called as dccoction bath. This is done by making drug decoction which is having the antimicrobial proerties. There by, preventing I from various skin problems.


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This is called as medicated milk bath. This is done by using milk processed with herbs which are having the properties which helps to improve the quality of skin by improving its complexion.


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This is done with medicated oils it is done mainly for build up stability for the tissues,improving the digestive fire,improving the the grasping power of sense organs, preventing the old age, for treating fractures, dislocations, injuries and also for treating vataja disorders


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After all the clensing therapies, this treatment is performed. This is a rejuvenation method helps to provide strength to the body and stabilizes the joints of the body. Also, tones the muscles of the body and softens the skin.

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This is done over the head by mixing herbs with buttermilk. It helps to relax the mind by revitalizing the neurons.


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Siro vasti

This is done with making the medicated oil stay in the head for a particular time period by this treatment disorders like severe headache, migraine, tinnitus, deafness, facial palsy, dryness of the mouth, heaviness in the head and diseases related to the cranial nerves.



It is the medicated bath mainly done for energizing both the body as well as the mind, this is done with water processed, with medicated leaves.

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On the last day of the monsoon rejuvenation treatments, in our temple a pooja is performed for individual person to maintain energy level.

Other Activities
   Apart from the treatment procedures we are also conducting yoga, dhyana, special seasonal diet and spiritual sessions. For the full body rejuvenation and making the body- mind-soul balanced the seasonal therapeutic measures will help.
This is one of the unique specialties of monsoon rejuvenation programme and is one of the specificity seen in Ayurvedayogavilla as a rejuvenation procedure for revitalizing the vital points of body using sacred Rudraksha beads.

Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) is a sacred seed used as prayer beads in Hinduism since thousands of years. It is having a unique property of having resistance, capacitance and dielectric properties together. Rudraksha is used for treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicines. As a therapeutic procedure we keep Rudraksha beads in the vital points of our body called as marma where muscles, vessels, bones, tendons and ligaments unite together. The pressure on this marma points by the sacred bead helps to stimulate the points and improves pranic flow by limiting stagnation in the body

Therapeutic Benefits

  • According to Susruta Samhita (An ancient treatise on Ayurveda) human body consist of 107 marmas
  • Keeping Rudraksha beads on these specific vital points helps to calm and revitalize the nervous system; thereby maintaining mind-body balance.
  • The result is relief from stress, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and palpitation
  • This therapy tranquilizes body by regularizing heart beat and keeps blood pressure under control.
  • This therapy helps to cool down the body temperature and bring calmness to the mind due to its action on nervous system.
  • Rudraksha therapy acts as anti ageing (Rasayana) because of the electromagnetic and inductive property.
  • The incorporation of sacred power of Rudraksha and the knowledge of marma together produces a synergic effect and helps to regularize the Pranic flow through the marma points and revitalizes the body and mind.

15 Days
30 Days
   Riverside Front Cottage
Single occupancy
1400 Euros
2600 Euros
Two person
2700 Euros
5000 Euros
  Back Cottages 
Single occupancy
1300 Euros
2400 Euros
Two person
2400 Euros
4600 Euros