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Incredible 2 weeks stay   Libby
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I caught up with my friend Libby a few weeks ago, just after she returned from this Yoga Retreat in India, and I could not believe how incredible she looked... I asked her to write about where she went and the experience she had there and she has shared it below..... ... Continue Reading
Adventure in Ayurveda   Christopher Versandi
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My Adventure officially began when I flew out Amsterdam on 21 April to Dubai to meet up with my cousin Stephanie for the first time. When I was born I was adopted and thanks to Stephanie's Mother, I wasÂ…... ... Continue Reading
Detox – Indian Style     Rachel Pace
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Every five to seven years according to Ayurveda , you are meant to give your mind, body and spirit a huge spring clean, which lasts 21 – 28 days is termed a Panchakarma. The Panchakarma consists of different treatments, which aid in the complete detoxification of ama or toxins from the body[1] . I decided (with a little trepidation) it was time to embark on my first body overhaul in August last year. I Spent  much time .. ... Continue Reading
Dream! Go! Live!             My Life on the Road

Throughout my time here during Panchakarma I’ve been given various instructions and medication that in a “normal” setting one might not take very seriously or question their validity. How often does a medical doctor  .… Continue reading 

A Month In Kerala           Bob Harvey

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This blog continues to attract hundreds of readers, and it occurred to me that some of you may like to know what happened next.When I went to Kerala and wrote the story of my month at an Ayurvedic retreat, I was living in Italy. Italy wasn't really    ... Continue Reading