Ayurveda Treatment For Cancer

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ayurveda treatment for cancer
Ayurveda Treatment For Cancer

Following the basic principles of Ayurveda about the disease Cancer, through proper administration of herbal medicines, balancing of lifestyle, diet protocol, yoga, and pranayama techniques are integrated in the ayurvedic treatments for Cancer.

Cancer is called Arbuda Roga in Ayurveda. In the classical treatises of Ayurveda; the prognosis, diagnosis, and treatments are scientifically mentioned. Well-known Karkitaka Roga mentioned in our Ayurvedic literature is the same disease which at present age goes by the name of cancer.

Cancer treatment in Ayurveda is decided based on the affected organ, the structural aspect of each organs, the nature of cells and its organ-based function, inter-cellular connection, age factor of patient, occupational factor, environmental, diet factor, psychological factor, inherited factors etc. General line of treatment is not advocated in Ayurveda.

Approaching the disease by knowing the dimension of disease is the speciality of Ayurveda. The cause might be in the physical, mental, and pranic dimensions. So, providing proper treatments in a harmonious environment along with Vedic rituals, yoga practices addresses the pranic and mental dimensions of disease. A thorough assessment of Doshas along with other examinations rule out the physical causes and based on that, on proper diagnosis, treatments are progressed.

To know about the response with treatments, the required investigation will be conducted periodically.

The patient’s medical reports are needed to be sent to our Doctor, after thorough studying of the case and based on an online consultation session, the decision will be made by our Ayurveda doctor regarding the selection of the patient and the duration required for a treatment course.

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