Regular morning and evening pooja

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Regular morning and evening pooja ceremony in Ganapathy temple

Inside Ayurveda yoga villa Holistic Research center and Hospital, according to vastu aspect, there is Ganapathy idle worshiped. Inside the locality, by considering magnetic field and utilizing the energy for treatment purpose by maintaining awareness, idle of Ganapathy is placed and worshiped. Awareness of each and every member of the organization and awareness of individual who is receiving the treatments only in establishes optimum result from the procedure. Ringing of copper bell and shank nada awakens dharmic subtle energy in the universe and individual’s body for becoming receptive to the process.

In the process of panchakarma ( detoxification treatment ) various accumulations in physical, pranic and mental dimensions get cleared. For an individual to have value based living family, occupational, social, environmental and spiritual dimensions. Immune enhancing Rasayana treatments are for nourishing pranic body and there by enriching physical and mental health.

Temple environmental enriches pranic power of the environment, and leads the process with awareness.

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