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According to Ayurveda, each of us inherits a unique mix of three types of body-mind energies (doshas) which creates our specific physical and mental characteristics. Most of us have one or two doshas which are most dominant in our nature.  The remaining one is less significant. These three doshas are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Using these Doshas of Ayurveda, we can identify our body-mind nature (Prakriti) and use this understanding to make the most suitable choices in our life in regard to Mind, Body, and General well-being.  It is common for people to have a blend of characteristics and usually one dosha will be dominated.

Find your Body Type (Prakriti)

Take a pen and paper, and give one mark each for either Vata or Pitta or Kapha. In the end, total the score to find out which dosha is more dominant in your body and that’s your body type.

Body Frame Thin – usually short or tall medium large, tall
Weight low weight doesn’t gain weight medium weight stay same heavyweight
Eyes small, dark eyes Medium-sized, light eyes easily inflamed large eyes with thick eyelashes soft, gentle gaze
Skin dry, rough, cold cracks easily moist, warm, pink prone to acne soft, smooth, moist, cool
Complexion Dark flushed sunburn easily pale
Hair rough, dry, weary thin, oily, light-colored, grey, bald premature thick, wavy, oily
Eyebrow thin, small medium thick, bushy
Nose small, thin medium, symmetrical wide
Teeth vary in size, crooked medium large white
Joints stiff, tend to crack loose, average size large ,sturdy
Nails thin, brittle soft, pink strong,thick,white, smooth
Muscles thin, undeveloped average size large well developed
Urine scant, colorless profuse, yellow moderate, milky
Menstrual irregular, scanty regular, bright colour regular, pale colour
Stool scanty, dry, hard, prone to gas & constipation abundant, loose & soft moderate dense with mucus
Appetite Variable strong low
Dietary likes to snack on dry, crunchy foods like cold drinks & snack like sweet and creamy
Thirst Low high moderate
Digestion prone to gas good, strong, fast slow, steady
Sweat hardly sweat profuse strong smelling moderate
Circulation poor cold hand &feet good hot hand & feet moderate temperature cool
Weather like sun&warmth cold weather warm & windy
Sensitivity cold, wind,  dryness noise heat, sunlight, light & colour touch, old & dampness
Immunity Low moderate strong
Physical Endurance Low moderate strong
Sleep Light moderate deep
Dreams prone to nightmare colorful, vivid passionate rarely or uneventful
Movements Quick move with purpose &  motivation moves slowly & steadily,  gracefully
Decision changes mind quickly, indecisive & nervous decisive & determine changes mind & opinions slowly
Thoughts creative, visionary ideas logical, critical, idealistically think slowly & methodical
Learning Ability easily learn & forget easily, poor memory easily with clear memory learn slowly good long term memory
Professionally Art medicine, engineering business
Mind prone to anxiety, fear nervousness&worry prone to irritability anger, aggression, jealousy prone to depression lethargy, attachment
Attitude lively, positive attitude warm outgoing & confident peaceful, happy & loving when in balance
Money spends on trifles earn but spends on luxury can earn & save after motivation
Speech quick speech talkative Argumentative, confrontational,enjoy debate talks slowly & deliberately
Travel love travel need beautiful environment Domestic, spend more time in the home
Sensitivity sensitive to sound sensitive to visual stimuli

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