Ayurvedic Treatment for Post Covid Complications

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Treating Post Covid Complications Through Ayurveda Yoga Treatments

                  Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre and Hospitals provides integrative treatments through Ayurveda treatments ,Yoga ,Pranayama, meditation, life style regimen and healthy diet ,under expert guidance of experienced Ayurveda Doctors and medical faculties.

                      Recovering from covid 19 infection depends on resistance power of individual person. People recovering from covid infections, still have chronic fatigue symptoms even after years. After  acute covid 19 illness, recovered patients may continue to report wide verity of signs and symptoms including cough ,low grade fever, and fatigue , all of which may relapse and remit. Other  reported symptoms include shortness of breath , chest pain ,head ache , neurocognitive difficulties, muscle pain and weakness, gastrointestinal upset, rashes, metabolic disruption (such as poor control of Diabetes) , thromboembolic conditionsDepression ,other mental health conditions .


Q1.    Why is post COVID care  so important?

            If virus infection is moderate to severe, there are high chances of damage to respiratory system, digestive system ,nervous system  and Musculo skeletal system because of severity of infection ,our agni (Digestive  Fire ) three doshas(bio humours),Dhatus(tissue elements) and Ojas (immune system) gets affected

                                        In Ayurveda, through life style regimen, diet regimen, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and spiritual rituals balances physical, mental and pranic health

Q2.   What are the Commonly experienced symptoms after recovering from COVID?

           Weakness, shortness of breath, fever, Reduced taste and smell, throat irritation, cognitive derangements like Confusion, Forgetfulness, less focus etc. Depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disturbance, gastric disturbance, Disturbance in appetite, indigestion, Dyspnoea on excretion, Disturbance in bowel habits, hormonal issues etc.

Q3.  How Ayurveda-Yoga care effective in recovering from post covid complications?

                In Ayurveda, treatments are not mere symptomatic. Instead , it mainly focus of eliminating causative factors. Through proper cleansing , the residual virus load or the toxicity produced by viruses in the body gets cleared .Then to  strengthen bio _ fire (Agni) ,Bio humors (Dhosas),Tissue elements (Dhatus), Expulsion of metabolic wastes and toxins (Malas)and ojus (immune mechanism) will be done with constitution based and disease specific treatments along with herbal medication.

              Through yogic disciplines’, energetic body (pranic body ) and mental body gets cleared and

Body’s response with treatments will be enhanced.

Q4.  IS Ayurvedic medicine safe?

                  In Ayurveda Yoga Villa Holistic Research Centre And Hospital, medicines are prepared in our pharmacy under experienced Ayurveda Doctors. Purely herbal medicines which are safe and effective are utilized for treatments.

Q5.  How is the treatment plan made?

                     On basis of consultation, examination, assessment of body type and severity of illness:

Treatment protocol will be made

                             Infected viruses releases various toxic components results in the manifestation of symptoms. In Ayurveda initial treatments will be aimed at clearing viruses 

and its toxic chemicals from the body. Then only associated symptoms gets cured . Treating the causative viruses will helps the body to get cured from the associated symptoms.Afterwards the affected organs will be strengthened through proper herbal medicines.

                           To nourish the digestive fire and  tissues ,Rasayana or Rejuvenation line of treatment will balance digestive fire ,tissue health and immune mechanism. Ayurveda emphasis on individual line of treatment based on age , sex , strength of patients ,familial health factors ,Diet factors , environmental , social and mental factors.

           Based on proper history taking , examination and case study ,treatment protocol will be designed by Ayurveda Doctors panel and will explain to the patient. Daily regimen, yoga, Dietary measures, Ayurveda treatments and herbal internal medicines will be provided and response will be monitored on basis of regular consultation.

                         Ayurveda- yoga treatments improves health in  physical , mental and Pranic  (energetic) dimensions .

Yoga, pranayama, meditation, spiritual rituals enhances Pranic and mental Dimensions, there by improves response of physical body to herbal medication and external treatments.

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