Surya Namaskara

Surya namaskara is worshiped face to face with the sun, the source of energy. When the sun rises in the morning and in the evening… This means that those who practice sun salutation daily are not affected by diseases or ill health. It works for all joints and muscles alike.

In yogic science, practices of asanas(postures) are for awakening spiritual dimensions by its influence on nadis (channels of energy) and chakras. There by living with awareness for fulfilling one’s purpose of life and overcoming deaths. Regular and timely practicing of sun salutation, influences spiritual body and thereby it influences mental and physical dimensions and experiences enthusiasm.

Before practicing yogic practices, do cleansing regimens including tooth brushing, tongue cleaning, oil pulling, cleaning bowel, clearing bladder and taking shower for energizing pranic body. Because yogic practices will only be experienced by following its proper disciplines.

  1. It strengthens the back and helps balance the metabolism
  2. It stimulates and balances all the system of the body, including the reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.
  3. It influence on the endocrine glands helps to balance the transition period between child hood and adolescence in growing children.
  4. Unwinds the Mind and Body. Stress is not a phenomenon unfamiliar in modern day life.
  5. Effective for Weight Loss.
  6. Relief from Hair Fall.
  7. Corrects Imbalances.
  8. Improves Digestion.
  9. Improves Kidney Function.
  10. A Secret for Beautiful Skin.

However, people with ailments such as back pain, hypertension and hernia should practice it under the direct guidance of the Yogacharya

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