Regular Anna pooja

Regular Anna pooja ( Food prayer )

Food provide during the course of panchakarma treatments ( detoxification treatment ), Immunity enhancing treatments, ( rasayana treatment) and for other physical and physiological disease are cultivated in our organic farm. The food which is cooked with healing intention is enriched with Annapoorna dietly prayer for nourishing Annamaya kosha through enriching with prana. Following treatment based diet, prepared by following 7 principles of Ayurveda, facilitates the healing. One who receiving treatment here, is given proper guidance to accept food with gratitude to mother nature and deep intention to get healed.

During Anna pooja we conduct chenda melam, drumming ( using drums smeared with Ayurveda medicines ) for spreading medicines to the environment and for eliminating disease causing microbes from the healing environment. It is done based on reference from sushruta samhitha ( Dundhubhi Adhyaya )

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