What to bring

Advice on What to Bring

Most international airlines are imposing a 20kg limit on luggage – so you may have to choose only essentials.

Passport with a valid Medical Visa.

Summer Casuals and light woolens for nights.
Woolen jacket and headgear for December and January.
Cotton Tees and trousers for yoga classes.
Bathing or Nightgown for Ayurvedic Treatment.
Rain Coat or small Umbrella for monsoons.

Walking shoes for Nature Walks or treks nearby.
Light slippers for wearing within the center.

Past History records and prescriptions.
First Aid kit.

God of Small things by Arundhati Roy.
Ayurveda books by Deepak Chopra.
Check Amazon.com for plenty of interesting books on Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation..

Toiletries (Soap, Toothpaste/brush, etc.).
Antibacterial wipes for use while traveling.
Small bedside torch/flashlight.
Sunglasses, Sun hat, sunscreen lotion.
Sanitary Napkins are only available in the big towns – tampons are not available.
Alarm Clock.

Electricity is 220 volts. You may need to bring an adapter for charging your computer, phone or any other sophisticated electronics.

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