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Since my childhood years I have myself getting me away Numerate and focused on others so that in 2002 my batteries were completely empty. Chronic fatigue syndrome was with me. Main road through feeding as therapies (body and mind) I searched for who I am and why this happened to me. February 2014 started there pains all over my body to manifest itself causing sleep problems as extra fatigue, memory and concentration problems worsened. Until someone recommended me Aryuvedayogavilla. It was a very scary feeling considering my memory problems and the language English is not really powerful am 20 years ago. I had 3 year evening school studied English but no practical experience. I wanted to change in my life: in myself both physically and mentally. This gave me the courage to go to Aryuvedagoyavilla. I decided mid- December 2014 7 weeks to go. I arrived without energy . My batteries were empty and I just wanted my bed. At the reception they are very friendly, after I refreshed and I had taken some rest, I went on doctors consultation which advised me straight away with a wonderful massage + steam bath that gave me immediately feel better. The first 3 days was a massage and rest to recover from my trip. Then we started with the panchakarma.

There I weakened and tired I was started very careful with Ghee which I got 5 days and also to rest my total body . It struck me immediately on how friendly and helpful all these people were. Main road my treatments and daily consultations both at the doctor as with the yoga teacher gave me insights into my life giving me more self-confidence, courage was given more power to positive every day to work on my healing. I followed the advice of doctor and yoga teacher and felt my strength, my joy come back.
I was enjoying my daily massage were adapted in the schedule of the panchakarma as ever to be massaged by the same people . I created a friendship bond with them. They took into account with my pains and gave if it could an extra massage on the pain spot. My English vocabulary was more comprehensive and more creative so that there is better contact was made to others. When I was there in a moment with questions or problems had responded, always in a gentle friendly way. In the daily medical consultations when there is change or modifications had to be done by taking herbs , I had another doctor who had listed everything on paper and with a lot of patience came to explain I understood it because of my memory problems. The silence, the power supply, the treatments both of body and mind but also the love of all the people, I received, I felt my body and mind change. After 2 weeks my sleep issues. I stood each morning to 4.30 h am on to my morning to boot with the imposed exercises that the doctor recommended me. Also I did every day with pooja as yoga.

There I had no movement in recent years more, were all my muscles have been weakened and I served this slowly build. The yoga teacher that I had a 30 minute conversation every day gave me lessons in wisdom of life that I found very instructive to give further direction to my life. The great thing about this place is to try balance of body and mind. Find peace in yourself, heal or relax. Most people were there for the panchakarma .
Experiences were exchanged that sometimes support works. After 5 weeks , I was sufficiently physically purified panchakarma so I had another 2 weeks for recovery phase and me gently prepare to return home. Time flies and every day is a gift of new life. During my stay I have 2 days different from time spent in silence in my room to think about my life! What I want to change in my life, what I don’t want to allow more in my life. All this things, I put it on paper so that when I return home go in action. It gave me a good feeling that period to look back at my past that this release but also whatever else you desire in your life to more balance of body and mind.
There I am faced with this disease already 12 years, I realize clearly that this is not resolved at 7 weeks https://apothekeschweizer.de/. This phase is a growth process with a purification of body and spirit of a new beginning. On the end of my stay, you will be carefully prepared both in terms of nutritional advice if the necessary medication that you get home. If you are having problems you can always have at home with the Center contact. No problem even in this I get support. The doctor advised me all I had learned as well as the advice to follow at home. To further evolution, I should like to go back next year for rejuvenation period where I now already looking forward to. Of course, do I have to follow the rules further to an optimal result where I very strong in faith. These people have a very good knowledge of what the body and mind need. The farewell to this beautiful place as loving people was very difficult. I had a new family in my heart. Once home, I also have the things I wanted to change. I do every morning when my bedtime ritual as my yoga exercises. Right now, I’m 5 months at home and I feel stronger both in body and mind. My pains are also greatly reduced.

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