Inside one of the most extreme cleanses on earth

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Most cleanses involve a string of green juices and maybe some time in the sauna to detox. I, on the other hand, went a little (fine, a lot) more of a drastic route: I willingly drank butter, inhaled herbal smoke, and vomited more than I ever had in my life as part of a traditional 28-day Ayurvedic cleansing program known as Panchakarma and Rasayana. Yup, you heard me right.
Let’s start at the beginning. In my 20s, I could party all night and eat processed foods all day. But by the time I hit my 30s, that hard living—combined with over-use of antibiotics and about a decade of work stress—caught up with me, and no amount of eating better or trying every fitness craze could right my fatigued, bloated ship.

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